Events & sponsoring

As the responsible alternative for soft drinks and energy drinks and the softdrink alternative for protein shakes; we’re an easy fit on multiple locations and types of events. Our product is focused on athletes ranging from physical sports to Esports, fitness to first person shooters. People that know how to appreciate a softdrink with 15 grams of whey protein but no sugars. 
The rest we win over simply by looking, being and tasting Damn Good. 
A healthy diet shouldn’t be that hard. Well at least, parts of it shouldn’t be. Our branding focusses mainly on the happier side of life. Our product can be found on fitness expo’s as the tasty, easy source of protein. On gaming expo’s as the drink that you can safely bring while trying out the latest demo’s. On Comic Con among our fellow super heroes and favorite villains promoting our cans of kick ass. If it’s good, damn sure we’re there. 
We are more Fit Fair/Fantasy Fair than Millionaire Faire. Unless Bruce Wayne is on the guest list. 


We’re looking for:

Organizers of events that can deliver the Damn Good vibe, taste and feel. We’re talking sponsorships, promotional activities and attendance at expo’s.


Please include in your application:

  • Company details
  • Name of event
  • Expected visitor numbers
  • Website with information on the event
  • Proposed form of cooperation

The fuel is delivered in the form of fast acting sugars while caffeine and taurine are added to kickstart the nervous system. Like chip tuning your car and adding nitro.