Spiced lemon and roses

No suger, no cafein, no rubbish, no bull. Just 15 grams of pure whey protein, a damn good taste in a can of pure kick ass.

59.95 Euro 1 case / 48 Euro 1 case monthly

First batch almost sold out! Temporarily max 1 case/six pack per customer. Sorry!

15,00 59,95 


When a soft drink and a protein shake get baby, you get best of both. 15 Grams of whey for sustained energy and muscle growth. All the sweetness of a soft drink without the sugar. Damn Good is the guilt free alternative. The superhero in a universe of sugary and caffeinated villains. When peppers, lemons and roses team up to create something Damn Good, something Damn Good is what you get. Join the team, unleash your super power!

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Case (24 cans), 6-pack (6 cans)


Spiced Lemon and Roses