Influencers & Ambassadors

What do we stand for:

Damn Good content with a Damn Good flavor. 
Our product is the responsible alternative. Based on dietary science and common sense. Our branding is quite the opposite. We don’t take ourselves to seriously. No rented mansions and super cars for Instagram content. We prefer originality, humor and sincerity. 

What we’re looking for:

Damn Good Ambassadors! 
Are you the influencers who knows how to deliver our Damn Good message? Is your content shot in the gym or crossfit box? Is your gaming content OP by nature, hilarious by default? Do you have an original voice?
Of course it would also be nice if anyone’s listening.
Yes, the amount of (real) followers you have is on your social media channels is pretty relevant to us. More important however is your vision on social media content. 

We are:

Open for business!
We’re open for multiple forms of cooperation. Affiliate marketing, sponsorships, product placement, you name it. We would love to hear in which way you think you could represent  or promote Damn Good. And what you’d like to see in return of course. 
Please include in your application:
-Social media channels
-Target audience
-Your product, service, or category of business or entertainment
-Your proposed form of cooperation