What is DamnGoodNutrition?

DAMN GOOD NUTRITION Fizzed ProteinTM is a soft drink without sugar and caffeine, but with added whey protein and B and D vitamins

Why protein in a soft drink?

Because nowadays we can! Protein in a drink often gets associated with protein shakes. For long it hasn’t been possible to offer protein in a clear drink, let alone a carbonated clear drink. Technological break throughs now make this possible however. Making it possible to combine the nutritional value of a protein shake with the taste experience of a soft drink

Who is DAMN GOOD NUTRITION Fizzed ProteinTM for?
For anyone. Especially, however, for two types of people:
Athletes who do want extra protein, but would like a change from the usual protein shake.
Soft drink and energy drink lovers who like to keep drinking soft drinks without the added sugar and caffeine but with added protein.
Can you loose weight with DamnGoodNutrition ProteinTM?
Damn right you can. Although to be honest, you could loose weight with hamburgers as well. Any food product can only help you loose weight if it’s an alternative for less food or other food products that have a higher impact on bodyweight.
DAMN GOOD NUTRITION Fizzed ProteinTM provides 20 grams of whey protein. Many popular diets make use of protein shakes. Reason for this is that they provide as much energy as carbohydrates do (both 4 kcal per gram), but in a much more gradual way. Moreover, protein is converted to body fat much more difficult and provides satiety for a longer period.
DAMN GOOD NUTRITION Fizzed ProteinTM can help lower bodyweight in the same way. However this can only work if its taken as a alternative to, for example, a sugar or fat containing drink/meal with the same amount or more calories.
A can of cola can contain 140 kcal from 35 grams of carbs/sugar. DAMN GOOD NUTRITIONFizzed ProteinTM contains 80 kcal, fully delivered by protein.
What is Whey?
There are two types of protein in milk; whey and casein. Proteins are popular among athletes and fitness fans because of they’re muscle building and recovering properties.
Whey protein is the most popular nutritional supplement world wide. This is mainly due to the rapid uptake of the amino acids in whey into the blood stream, but also due to its amino acid profile. This profile is made up by the different types of amino acids that chain up to form the protein. Whey contains all the essential amino acids, thus called because our body can’t produce them and we need to get them from food. Also whey contains a high amount of the so called Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s). These amino acids play an especially big rol in the building of muscles, unlike some other amino acids that have many different functions.
What is sucralose?
Sucralose is an artificial sweetener made from table sugar.
Researchers discovered that certain adaptations in the sugar molecule lead to a new molecule that’s 500 to 600 hundred times sweeter than sugar. This means you need 500-600 time less for the same sweet taste. Even better; the body cannot uptake the sucralose molecule and therefor sucralose is good for 0,0 kcal
How does DamnGoodNutrition Fizzed ProteinTM provide energy?
The different B vitamines make for a more efficient conversion of food to energy. This way getting more bang for you buck, meaning more energy from the same amount of food. In athletes low B vitamine levels have been associated with reduced athletic performance. Especially in the case of a low caloric diet.

The added D vitamines also provide extra energy. Low vitamine D levels are common. Especially in winter months by lack of sunlight. People with a vitamine D deficiency, experience fatigue more often as confirmed by multiple researches. The same research has shown this can be prevented or fixed by supplementing with D vitamine.

How much DAMN GOOD NUTRITION Fizzed ProteinTM can you drink per day?
Damn Good Fizzed ProteinTM is developed as a drink that you can drink without regret afterwards. That’s why we’ve chosen for ingredients that can be consumed in relatively high daily amounts without adverse effects. That’s why there are no carbs, no caffeine and no taurine in Damn Good Fizzed ProteinTM.
The most important ingredient is the whey. The body’s daily need for protein can vary greatly from person to person based on activity level, body composition and goals. Researchers opinions on optimal protein intake for athletes also differ significantly,ranging from 0,8 grams of protein per kilo bodyweight to up to 3 grams. A person weighing 80 kg would need anywhere between 64 and 240 grams per day. Especially fitness fans and bodybuilders are known to be higher in this range to maximize potential muscle growth.
Damn Good Fizzed ProteinTM offers 20 gram whey per can. How this fits in your diet depends on the amount of protein your receive from other foods, your activity and goals.
The same can be said for the 80 kcal delivered by the 20 grams of protein. It has to be said however that these calories aren’t comparable to the same amount of calories from carbs or fats. Protein gets converted to body fat much harder. A surplus of protein can do a lot less damage than too much carbs or fats. Exceptions may exist however for people with pre existing kidney issues.
Why are we called Damn Good Nutrition?

You’ve read all of the above and still ask this question?